October 1, 2020

13 Interesting facts about Patanjali Ayurveda

Patanjali is making noise in every Indian household. You like it or hate it but you just can’t ignore it. Now, the journey of Patanjali is infact seen by all of  us, why how come Patanji became this BIG is a surprise! There is no data or much information regarding Patanjali success story by because engineer diaries loves its readers and we work really hard for you that we have worked our way to curate 13 interesting facts about Patanjali Ayurveda. So, claps for us👏. Okay okay lets get started now.

1.Who own Patanjali

Balkrishna owns 98.6% of Patanjali Ayurved and Yog Guru Baba Ramdev is just the face and ambassador of the brand.

2.Who is Acharya Balkrishna

In 1995, Balkrishna and Ramdev founded Divya Yoga Pharmacy in Haridwar, and in 2006, they founded Patanjali Ayurved. He serves as MD/CEO Of the company.

Acharya Balkrishna.jpg

3. How much Baba ramdev is envolved in Patanjali

Ramdev does not hold a stake in Patanjali Ayurved, he is the face of the firm and endorses its products to his followers across his yoga camps and television programmes.

4.How Patanjali Started

In 2006, Balkishna and Ramdev founded Patanjali Ayurved, an FMCG company involved in the manufacturing and trading of FMCG, herbal, and ayurvedic products. Followers of Ramdev, NRIs Sunita and Sarwan Poddar, helped kick-start the business with a loan. According to Balkrishna, he had taken out a ₹50–60 crore loan at a time when he had never held a personal bank account in his name.

5.Patanjali Boom 

In 2012, the company posted a turnover of ₹450 crore (US$65 million) which by 2015–2016 had risen to ₹5,000 crore (US$720 million).

6.Patanjali Business strategy

There are 10,000 Patanjali Chikitshalya and Arogya Kendras. The people who come to their yoga camps are ready market to the company.Added to that all kind of Swadeshi branding of Baba Ramdev.

7.Patanjali Biggest Strength

The most common reasons given for Patanjali’s success are: Ayurvedic and natural products. Free advertising (Baba Ramdev was promoting it while conducting Yoga camps across the country and on TV)

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8.Where is Patanjali located

Manufacturing units and headquarters are located in the industrial area of Haridwar, Uttarakhand while the registered office is located at Delhi.

9.Products Patanjali offers

Patanjali actually offers almost everything!Body lotion, agarbatti, oil, cereals,diapers,Honey,Toothpaste,Noodels,Ayurvedic products,detergents,juices,flours,grains,ghee……..well almost everything!

10.Patanjali Valuation

Patanjali declared its annual turnover of the year 2016-17 to be estimated ₹10,216 crore (US$1.5 billion).

11.List of Companies Affected by Patanjali

MANY! Colgate,Pepsodent,Dabur, Fortune,Mother Dairy, Pepsico, Beauty brands like Lux, Sunsilk and many others because this list too is HUGE!!!!!!!!

12.Big Challenges faced by Patanjali

They are fighting big PEOPLE who have ruled for 50 years and more and not just one, in every domain!! They have vast range of products, so that also diverse the focus of brand!

13.Patanjali Controversy

On 21 June 2017, The Nepal Department of Drug Administration asked Patanjali Ayurved in a public notice to immediately recall six medical products as they were found to be of “substandard quality”. All medicines mentioned in the notice — six out of seven from Patanjali — had failed the microbial tests used to detect bacteria, mold and other toxins.

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