October 1, 2020
Jio Recharge

13 Interesting Facts about Reliance Digital Jio

We all have witnessed a game changer move in the last few years. Gutsy, bold move which could have put Ambanis on the road, but have proved to be a SUCCESS! We talk about clever business, that’s right there. Even it took engineer diaries a while to get how JIO became this success, or is it still drowning and all gimmick? Let’s find out in this blog, which would just enrich you for life❤ Jio dhan dhana dhan❤

1.Little Background

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, is owned by Reliance Industries, and provides only 4G services. Jio was launched on 5 September 2016 and  is currently the second largest mobile network operator in India  with over 355. million subscribers.

2.Jio new Plan

Jio came with a BANG!! It offered 4GB/day data for free!!! Initially was for 3 months, then they extended the free offer for 6 months! Yeahh!!! To people who were used to of 1GB per month for Rs199 almost, this was just new !!! Unlimited youtube, gamings, from poor to rich man!!! Then they charged Rs 99 for prime membership, then Rs149 4GB/day plan for 28 days. And now they offer Rs 249/month plan for 2GB/day. Even now , its way better from 2GB/month for the same amount so ACCHE DIN AAYE ZAROOR❤


As of Aug 2019 3.5 Lakh crore INR  has been invested in JIO. Its a BIG BIG number! And We would be making calculations on it also😅

4.Jio Recharge

Jio offers variety of platforms to get Jio Recharge via their app, site, JIO money, Paytm, and other sites too offer JIO recharge support.

5.Jio Airtel War

Airtel is fighting Jio Hard since the JIO Boom but we all have seen the result! Airtel Bharti had maximum amount of subscribers in India and everyone was happy with their service as we never lost any connection, but now is in mode of survival and sees no time soon to recover. Airtel signals, their product has become pain was users, over 30 lakh subscribers have shifted to Jio, but now after so many years is seeing slight growth in revenue. But still is in despair!

6.When will Jio go public?

Since regulatory guidelines state that the telco can be listed after three years of financial reporting, the IPO cannot come before March 2020

7.The big Buyers

Japan’s Softbank is reportedly looking to make a $ 2-3 billion investment in India’s fastest-growing telecom firm Reliance Jio valuaing at $50Billion dollars.

8.Jio -Profit or loss?

Jio’s quarterly profit increased to Rs 990 crore from Rs 681 crore a year ago but is it actually profitable? We are talking abbout 3.5 Lakh crore+ revenue , its a long way man!!!

9.Challenges Jio facing

Network issues! Jio needs to still up the network game , and is now operational in multiple verticles so that a challenge in itself. Wait, competition! Airtel is fighting hard! Now recently after Jio plans revised, airtel became much better option where airtel connectivity rocks. SO, still a long challenging battle!

10.Jio Expansion

In September 2019, Jio launched a fiber to the home service, offering home broadband, television, and telephone services.

11.Jio Controversies

In September 2016, (TRAI) summoned Jio and the country’s existing telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea Cellular to meet and discuss an issue regarding interconnection between the operators.

12.Whats the road map ahead

Jio is going all out in network and connectivity.Jio GigaFiber,Jio VoWi-Fi, Jio GigaTV, Jio Smart Home,Jio 5G, Jio Smartphone what not!


Jio was definitely not a gamble but a calculated move. Initial capital reliance brought in, and the years it would take to come to breakthrough, one can’t even imagine. And it is going to take years to flip this and become profitable, but this network game is dangerous as 5G is coming, but let just all say no one could have thought of it and it indeed bought ACCHE DIN for us! But for reliance its a long battle ahead! And survival battle for its competitors

Hope, you would have enjoyed this read. If you want any suggestion for this series leave it in the comment section below.

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