October 1, 2020
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13 Interesting facts about Sundar Pichai

You asked for it, so we had to keep up with the promise. And what a better way to end this so loved series than talking about journey of a simple middle class boy from being an IIT grad to CEO of Google! Since, we don’t want you to google about him, we have brought all the facts you wanted to know about this genius in this blog. Get ready to get inspired, and may be humbled at the same time♥

1.Sundar Pichai Background

Sundar Pichai was born on June 10, 1972, he currently 47 years old( 1 year younger than Elon Musk🙈) in  Madurai, Tamil Nadu. His mother was Stenographer and father electrical engineer. He also has a brother.

2. Sundar Pichai Education

Pichai completed schooling in Jawahar Vidyalaya, school in Ashok Nagar, Chennai and completed the Class XII from Vana Vani school .Complete his graduation from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in metallurgical engineering  where only 1% of students are able to get admission. He then moved on to the states where he did his M.S. from Stanford University in material sciences and engineering, and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

4. Sundar Pichai Wife

Sundar Pichai and Anjali were both classmates in the college. Sundar proposed Anjali in the final year of college, to which Anjali said yes!But soon, Sundar moved to states for higher education and Anjali too moved for the same. So, after long distance relationship they had and when both got financially independent decided to get married and live together in the states.

5. His journey before Google

Pichai worked in engineering and product management at Applied Materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. Because of his graduation in material sciences and management degree and love for coding he saw the rise quicker, but ofcourse spending 25 years of life in education is a big investment!

6.When Pichai Joined Google

Pichai joined Google in 2004, initially he led product management  for Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Google Drive. He went on to oversee the development of  Gmail and Google Maps.On March 13, 2013, Pichai added Android to his portfolio and also  was a director of Jive Software from April 2011 to July 30, 2013.

7.Other Tempting Offers for Pichai

In 2011 Pichai reportedly was aggressively pursued for employment by Twitter, and in 2014 he was touted as a possible CEO for Microsoft, but in both instances he was granted large financial packages to remain with Google.

8.Sundar Pichai became Google CEO

Sundar helped negotiate Google’s $3.2 billion deal to acquire Nest Labs in 2014.Hence, when Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced the creation of Alphabet Inc., in August 2015, it came as no surprise to industry insiders that Pichai was named CEO of Google, which was reorganized as a subsidiary. In December 2019 he also was named CEO of Alphabet, replacing Page, who stepped down.

9.Sundar Pichai  salary in inr 2019

Pichai gets an annual income of around 220 million USD i.e. 1409.43 crores INR.Yes, guys it it this BIG!!!! Also he is humbled to turn down hike by Google!

10.Sundar Pichai’s message to students

“Don’t feel the pressure of what others are telling you. Devote time to what you love”.”If you are comfortable in what your are doing then you are not pushing yourself enough”

11. Sundar Pichai on Importance of Education

“One of the great things about India is there is a lot of emphasis on education. I would encourage people to follow their passions a bit more. “”Institute should work towards real life challenges apart from just academics. ”

12. Sundar Pichai Morning Rituals

He wakes up between 6:30am-7am.  Reads a physical paper everyday along with omelet and cup of tea for breakfast. Also,Pichai strives to not take work home with him and avoids testing Google prototypes in his house.


This journey is simple and humble. From focusing on education, taking as it comes and giving your best at it. A simple hardworking Indian man and that’s why we all love him❤

Hope, you would have enjoyed this read. If you want any suggestion for this series leave it in the comment section below.

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