15 keyboard shortcuts every engineer must know!

Knowing Keyboard shortcuts is a must have tool for every engineer, because you can just never reply on the mouse and touch pads of laptops. Keyboard shortcuts make life simply easier, and here is a secret for guys that knowing lots of keyboard shortcuts immediately make you more attractive! So, here is the list of basic 15 keyboard shortcuts to just have to know.

1.windows key——————————-> open ups start menu

2.windows key+R—————————>opens Run menu and below are run shortcuts

3.services.msc——————————->opens all the services being run at the background

4.cmd—————————————-> opens up command prompt

5.notepad———————————–>opens up notepad

6.Alt+tab————————————>switch between opened tabs

7.windows key+D————————–>Directly toggle to desktop from the opened screen

8.windows key+ ‘+’————————>Magnifies In

9.windows key+ ‘-‘————————->Magnifies Out

Here comes Browser shortcuts.

10.F11 key———————————–>Full screen

11. Ctrl+J————————————->opens up download windows

12. Ctrl+F————————————->opens up find bar

13. alt+ back arrow—————————> previously opened search result of a tab

14.Ctrl+ ‘+’/’-‘———————————>Zoom In/Out

15.Ctrl+’0′(zero)——————————>100% default zoom


Tell us your favorite keyboard shortcut in the comments section below, mine has to be alt+tab, its simply cool !

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