October 23, 2020

3 easy ways to earn money from home for the college students

Being in the college is the best time of life, where you have liberty of dressing up, going out with friends, making relationships and much more. And its needless to say that all this require Money! And, now at this stage you can’t even ask your parents. So, the best solution is to start earning little money on your own so as to balance the studies and also, everything you want from shopping, to giving treats to your friends and definitely buying presents for your girlfriend!So, here are 5 ways you can earn money in the college itself!

1.Doing freelancing: Freelancing is the best way to earn easy money from home. So, Freelancer.com is a website where you can work for anybody looking for a content writer, web developer, powerpoint presentation maker, adobe Photoshop editor etc. There are thousands of such petite jobs for which you get paid. Now, you can start with anything with the skill sets you are having and if not sure about anything, join as content writer where you get paid about 2$ for every 500 word article you write!

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2.Giving Tuition: Wherever you live, there is always a demand of a tutor! Giving tuition requires 1-2 hours of your time in a day at max and that even for like 3 days in a week. And, if you want to earn a bit more then giving home tuition is the best way and you can easily earn around 3-4K for the same.

3.Joining Work from home internships:There are various platforms providing virtual internships opportunities in almost every field from social media marketing to android app development such as internshala.com, twenty19.com, Let’sintern.com to name a few.



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