October 20, 2020

4 easy recipes using bread for hostel cooking

After the over-whelming response from the last post of  http://engineerdiaries.com/blog10-food-to-easily-cook-at-hostel-with-their-recepies/, I decided to add some real easy and tasty recipes you can cook with minimum ingredients and is super healthy too. So, below are 4 easy recipes to cook using bread(brown bread/ white bread/ multi-grain bread) for all the hostelers out there.

1.Brown Bread Sandwich: Brown bread sandwich is the easiest of all. Heat the breads, then add raw vegetable slices of tomato, onion, cucumber, and if you want to make it little bit more tasty you can use lettuces/ cabbage too. Eat it with tomato ketchup, and enjoy.

2. Bread pizza: This is my favorite of all. In between bread slices, add tomato and onion slice and 1 ready made cheese slice easily available. If you have sandwich toaster or induction, just warm it for 5 minutes and that melted cheese would give the exact effect pizza oozing  with cheese. It is really yummy!

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3. Bread upma: In a pan, add oil and then add half a onion and tomato, add chili, salt and turmeric and when the mixture is ready, add bread(which is first broken down into smaller pieces first), mix for 2 minutes and enjoy with a ketchup.

4.Bread omelette: Break down one egg into a glass and whisk it properly till it get airy, add salt, chili, onion into it. Toss breads on pan and put the mixture after 2 minutes and let it cook for 4-5 minutes, then turn it over and fold the omelette between the bread and enjoy.


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