September 29, 2020

4 electronic devices every hostel student must have!

Have you seen that for some students, hostel time is the best part of the life consisting of late night noodles, hot coffee whereas for some is a nightmare! It’s true that great moments are created with great people around, but if you closely realize, you would agree with me that you need great resources with you too. So, below are 4 electronic devices you must have to make your special independent life more special and are also pocket friendly!


Kettle is a must have for every student. For crazy tea, coffee lovers and also when you would enter college you would realize that you can do so much with mere 1 kettle like cook noodles to even cook rice!
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2. Sandwich Toaster:

Do you know what is the most difficult part in college life? It is waking up early to be able to have breakfast! So, early waking up is difficult but buying a toaster is way simpler. No matter how bad the vegetable is served in the mess, just a little sauce and put between bread is no less than a luxury for a mess student! There is also one incredible way to utilize the toaster that is to put a cheese slice between the breads and cook it for 5 minutes. That sandwich tastes no less than a really yummy pizza oozing with cheese. Do try it once!

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3. Iron:

Nothing impresses a girl more than a smartly dressed guy. So, get an iron as some days you might need to even wear formals and iron is a must!
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4. Table Fan:

Air conditioner rooms are incredibly expensive and specially when you have huge tuition and hostel fees on top of you. Table fan would the perfect ‘jugaad’ specially in summers when whether is unbearable!


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