October 23, 2020

5 food items every mess student must have

There is no question about how poor is the quality of mess food, and discussion on it is indeed endless. But, there are some simple ingredients or food substances that can increase the quality of that lifeless food instantly. Hence, below are the list of top 5 food items every student living in hostel must have in their cupboard for their survival!

  1. Salt

If you know even a little about cooking, you would know that how much addition of just the accurate amount of salt in the food, just lifts up the dish to a whole new level. Since, food in mess is made in exceptionally large quantities, getting the right amount of salt is merely impossible for them, but not for you! Always keep a salt box with you so that even if you just get only gravy in so called ‘paneer’ sabzi your food still becomes way more than edible.


Jaggery is the much healthier option than sugar, so if you can use jaggery instead of sugar its amazing nevertheless always keep a box filled with sugar handy with you as when you would be served those ‘papad’ type chapattis, that sweet jaggery won’t let your mood go bitter and you would be able to survive in the watery ‘dal’ served to you.


Cornflakes are the must have as many mess have constant supply of milk and even if not you can easily get milk easily. Now, you would be studying till late in the night, when those horrible mid-night cravings start nd you literally have nthing to eat. Then, cornflakes, the iron man would rescue you from that terrible cravings and also are a great substite for the breakfast and we wake up 15 mins before the lecture and breakfast time is over too!


This should actually top the list as, again when you would be served the  prison food, you need this to be able to satisfy the taste bud who wants to taste something sour-chilly.


Now, as far as butter goes, it varies from person to person as butter, again when added to dal, sabzi(vegetable), chappati make it whole more edible, but if you are someone who is gaining a lot of weight, then you must avoid butter but could easily go for above 4 supplements.


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