October 1, 2020

5 New Year 2017 Resolutions for every student

Are you a student who has got literally ‘frustrated’ with his boring life? Spends hours on Facebook and still don’t chat with anyone? Spends countless hours watching youtube videos as you are unable to sleep in the night? Don’t feel like talking to anyone? Really scared about how is your life going…………, then there are top 5 New Year Resolution to adopt to turn around your life.

1. Sleep on time

Being teenagers and having excuse of studies we have went into vicious circle of sleeping really late in night. No matter what, don’t sleep later than 22:00 or 10:00pm. Initially, you won’t be able to sleep such early, but push yourself till your body doesn’t get used to it!

2. Rise early

There are countless benefits of rising early which all of us know, but are unable to follow for a long time. But, this time no matter what wake up early, let you be the master and not the sleep. And, if you are going to sleep on time, you would automatically rise early.

3. Take a bath in the morning

Now, don’t be shocked! We all know the reality. But make a point of taking bath so early. Your life would change! You would be wanting to get dressed up, meet people and talk to them. Just give it a go for sometime and very soon time would come that you won’t be able to imagine going to the institute without a bath!

4. Do some sort of physical exercise and twice in a day

Yeah, twice in the day. So, start your day with meditation, yoga, or stretching for only 15 minutes, but you must! And also, in the evening go for a run/walk/ gym/play any sport, but do some sort of physical exercise where you sweat and get rid of extra energy! No matter what the world says going to gym or doing cardio is extremely good for you! Just get rid of that unwanted energy and lighten yourself up, you need it!

5.Eat healthy

You are what you eat. Eating healthy simply means minimising consumption of junk food. Eat all that yummy stuffs chocolates, cakes, cold drinks, potato chips once in every three days as you deserve a treat for yourself!


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