October 23, 2020

All you need to know about Industrial Visits in engineering colleges!

Many Engineering Colleges take students to visit various companies like Wipro, Infosys, HCL as a part of Compulsory Industrial visits in third year. So, this article focus mainly on what exactly this visit is and answer the question that ‘Is it even beneficial?’

  1. What exactly it is?

Industrial visits are a part of curriculum in Engineering Colleges where students of all the branches are made to visit the respective domain company and get a little insight of how the work is done in the industry and hence, a glimpse on their life after they leave the college. For some it might turn a little boring and for some shocking as it indeed is entirely different from college curriculum.

 2. Different exposure for Different branches of Engineering

Well Civil Engineers now is time you can actually feel why you chose civil engineering in the first place and have an on field experience of actually building something! Cool, right! Electronics and Electrical Engineers, now you can now witness and see all the routers, receivers, embedded systems and see their live functioning outside of that dreaded theory you have been going through for past four years. But, for Computer science Engineers it might turn a little boring as for you there is not much to see than servers, cloud servers!

3. Training programs offered by these companies

Well company must be gaining something too! And it is an exposure to pitch their training programs in front of  the aspiring students! It’s difficult to say entirely how is their training program is because it differs from company to company and centre to centre, but yes their certificates do hold value in resume than from some random institute.

So, to sum up you all must attend these visits with great zeal even if you are thinking to do something apart than going to the industry as now you can indeed make up your mind and if nothing then, consider it as the only picnic you would get in the college!


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