September 29, 2020

All you need to know about Internship fairs

  1. What is an internship fair

Almost every college in the country organizes internship fair for students in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd around end of year of a course that is around February-April where students from the same college and other college participates and depending on college to college have to pay for around Rs.0-Rs.500, where companies give them internship that is working opportunity in their office  during the summers (around June-July) for 2k-15k.

      2. What companies come to the internship fair

So, lets look at why do companies come to the internship fair! For most startups, it is an incredible opportunity to hire people work for them with incredibly low pay. So, as far what companies come to the internship fair, then there are mostly startups! Again for the same reason, but yes, some reputed and known companies too come but they come for 3rd year student to possibly hire them, if they like them during internship fair.

      3. What are the job profiles offered

Now, this is really important as profiles offered are not at all linked to the syllabus taught in the colleges. Most companies offer the profile such as content writer, digital marketing, sales and marketing, android developer, web developer, search engine optimization, bigData(Hadoop), Cloud Computing, Machine Learning etc.

       4. Why should a student go to internship fair

Internship fair is an incredible opportunity to get over the anxiety and anxiousness regarding Personal Interviews and Group Discussions. You get to know as how to dress for interview, prepare resume, be able to convince a recruiter as why you are most suited and so more. So even if you are planning for further studies, you must go for the fair at least once!


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