October 20, 2020

All you need to know about minor/major projects in Engineering College

Every engineering student has to submit a project(also called minor project) in 7th semester and another one in 8th semester(major project). They both can be  different projects or one can continue on the same minor project by taking due permission from the institute as major project. It can be done in teams and usually the institute allows maximum 3 people in a team. And also, minor and major are just names, they both need to be full fledged working models.

Importance of minor/major project:

One thing every engineering student must know is that you should make these projects on your own than buying them from someone. Because during these 4 years of engineering there must be numerous times you would have thought ‘  to be able to make such game’ or ‘build a google map for your college!’ Not just us, but the people in the industry too want students to implement the basic C/C++ commands taught in the institute into a working model!

Remember that, minor project is way more important as it is the one that would be asked in your placement rounds and not the major one! Major one a mere formality that would get you the degree. If you want to pursue MS/Mtech, project is even more important for you!

Best time to start the project:

Well, earlier you start the better it is! But having said that first and second year of the college goes in figuring out various domains out there like java, android app development, web development, python, network security etc. So, in third year you have a fair idea of the domain that interests you, and you can leverage the basics onto a real-life project. Since, you want to show it off in your placements 6th semester is the best time to start it!

Some project ideas:

Here, we will be listing ideas for CSE/IT students only.

Web based projects:

Build your own CMS like wordpress ; create an algo  that enhances SEO, capture a problem you face in Facebook /Youtube and make your own such websites

Java based projects:

Music player, text editor, compiler, or implement speech input in all of them!

Python based projects:

Build a functionality on top of Speech recognition, grammar correction, face detection etc.

Android app based projects:

One of the best concept in android apps would be to be able to build a CMS in android!

Networking based projects:

Integrating any project with wireless functionality like playing games etc but the best thing you can come up is using wifi in analyzing traffic in your area!

leveraging the api :

Building something from scratch in this short time is tough but using the existing api in your project is easier, e.g. You can use TensorFlow Object Detection API in your app for blind people!
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Hope it has answered all your questions. If you still have any doubt comment below, we would revert back within 24 hours.

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