October 20, 2020

All you need to know about off-campus placement

There are two types of placement: first on campus where companies have tie with the college, and recruitment procedure is restricted to the students of that college and under this we also have pool placement where colleges affiliated to same university conduct placement drive where students from more than 1 college can take part in the placement Drive.
Second one is off campus:Where there is no tie up between college and the company. But what exactly it is, how is it different from on campus, how to apply or prepare for it ,is it harder than on Campus?Find out all the answers to it in the article below!

Difference between On campus and Off campus Placement:

When a company comes to the college, there is certain pressure on recruiters where they have to select minimum number of candidates as they have spent money to come to the college whereas in off campus, you go the placement drives among thousands of unemployed students aiming to get selected. There you are all on your own as Company’s aim is to select just the best! So, definitely it becomes a little harder as all the efforts are now from only your end, but the best part is you are not relying on one or two companies as now you are free to apply from companies Google to TCS!

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We know it’s still unclear to you, so let’s try and understand bit by bit. There are two types of company one -the dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple where only way to get hired is to go to their careers page, wait for a vacancy, submit your resume and wait for their respond.

Other ones are service sector companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra , leading startups and also companies having multiple opening like Snapdeal, Samsung, MindTree etc. When any of these company hasn’t come to you college, now to have to go to their off campus placement drives or job fairs conducted time to time throughout the year.

Now, these are no longer Walk in Interviews where you just go with resume with Btech degree in hand. Rather now there are online tests -Elitmus, Amcat, Cocubes where you give an aptitude test, get a score and then these websites would notify you about off campus drives, vacancies in companies.

Under give you an idea which company asks for which exam:

AMCAT (Most Companies including Cognizant, Samsung, Sapient, Flipkart)
eLitmus(Most Mechanical and Core Companies)
Cocubes(Microsoft, ZS Associates etc)
MeritTrac(Accenture, Wirpo etc)

So, to get placed in any company get notified for off campus placement drives make account on above listed websites from beginning of forth year itself. These placement drives also have a great success rate where you can get placed within 40 days of applying, getting shortlisted via your score and finally face to face interview. So, no need to worry even if you are not from Tier- I or II college.

All the best.

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