September 29, 2020

All you need to know about three internship rule in Engineering Colleges

First of all, this rule (as for recent information) is valid from academic year 2017, so students admitted in colleges in year 2013,2014,2015,2016 need not worry at all. Earlier, a student needed only to complete two compulsory internships which were usually after 3rd year and 4th year, but due to increasing unemployment and students lacking in contemporary technically skills, this decision has been made. To know how to do 3 internships in 4 year, read along.

1.In First Year: After first year, you would have plenty of time which could be utilized by exploiting non-technical internships in domains such as marketing, sales, content writing etc. You can find opportunities at internshala and numerous internship fairs across colleges. Since, its not related to technical, you can even go to non-tech colleges for the same. To know more about internship fair go to

2.In Second Year: Second year must be utilized to increase your technical skill set by joining any paid training courses in field of Android development, Web development, Java Core and Advanced etc.
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3. In third Year: After third year, utilize the skill and knowledge acquired after the second year training to get an internship. And, once again internship fairs is the best opportunity for it.

4. In Fourth Year: Companies usually come to the college for campus placement after 6th , 7th or 8th semester. And these companies, themselves hire you for final year internship, which should be under the domain you want to contribute in the industry like data analyst, software engineer, marketing etc.


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8 thoughts on “All you need to know about three internship rule in Engineering Colleges

  1. Well thanks admin ,for your response but I wonder any virtual internship is available in finance year

    So I request you to please tell me about type of internships like paid,stipend ,etc
    Or if I do any coding language course after first year will it count in internship or not that I have stated in second point

    1. Well there are 2 types of internships 1. Paid where they pay you a fix small amount also called as stipend, and the other is unpaid where you get exposure and experience. And taking any training like a coding course is not counted as an internship(but some college might count it as getting three internships is tough!).

      1. Well, thanks for telling me can you tell me about some courses that I can do that will help me in campus placement and what is in-house internship
        Courses like in coding I am from ece

        1. Hi! It would be lot easier if I know which year in college you are, never the less whatever domain you want to get into you must be a decent coder with decent knowledge of data structures and algo. Then only you can go for training programs such a web development(get decent command over javascript first), android app development(learn java ), cloud computing, machine learning(learn python first) which can be done from institutes and also online. In-house internship program of an institute/college is where in summer breaks or winter break you are asked to create a project and they provide you with internship certificate!
          Hope it helps.

          1. A lot of appreciation for you
            I am in first year of my btech program and I am pursuing ECE
            some mass recruiters visit our collge so if I want to get placed in such organisations
            So what strategy should I Adopt according to coming years in my engineering so that it will become easier for me to crack placement
            Well I like coding

  2. Sir first of all i want to thank you for explaining such a complex rule in easy way but when I read your article I thought that if someone is not able to get the campus placement or if one doesn’t want to take it then the third internship.remains left so how one can cover this

    1. Hi Aayush!
      In most of Engineering Colleges in India, it is compulsory to do internship in final year. Even if you don’t want to sit for placements or get college placement you need to complete your final year internship. One of the best ways is to do virtual internships offered by platforms such as internshala etc, note: the compulsion is to do an internship, not a technical one. So, non-tech internship is always an option.
      Hope it helps

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