October 20, 2020

Amcat Review for offcampus placements-Engineering Graduates

AMCAT is basically a private company running a portal for off campus jobs. You need to pay around Rs. 1000 to register, give amcat exam to be able to apply for the companies. And they also charge some commission from the companies too. Though their portal is for varied job opportunities, you will find plenty of freshers openings every week! So, if you are studying among the colleges with extreme poor placement results or are not from CSE/IT, AMCAT kind of a necessity!

Companies through AMCAT:

You can definitely find lots of good startups in Amcat portal and also very few big MNCs like Cognizant. The biggest advantage of amcat over other commonly heard sites is that AMCAT companies are lot more reliable. This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of AMCAT. And also, there are off campus drives been held almost every week. You have to apply separately and for some you are notified time to time by AMCAT.

Packages through AMCAT:

Okay for freshers, the majority of the packages you would get would lie between 2.4- 4lpa. Which is kind of average, but for freshers with no experience and no campus placements is everything!

How to apply and prepare for AMCAT exam:

You can either apply through campus, where you get a discount and need to pay around Rs.840(and you get three attempts to improve your score too) whereas  individually , you would get one attempt and cost you around Rs.1000. And definitely give the exam before commencement of final year!

And finally, to prepare for AMCAT exam, there are multiple sections- verbal, logical, computer fundamentals, personality and exam takes around 3 hrs . Exam is of pretty basic level, where computer fundamentals being the hardest. To prepare for it, PREPINSTA rocks! You will find everything there. Also in the result you will get AMCAT score section wise, and don’t worry if you score poor in some sections, as still you would be able to apply for majority of the jobs!

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