October 20, 2020

Aptitude Preparation for placements -Engineering Graduates

So, here is the detailed blog on aptitude preparation. Preparation for aptitude is mandatory, because almost every company requires you to qualify aptitude test. Remember their is section wise cutoff in aptitude that is you need to qualify quantitative, logical and verbal section all and cutoff for all sections lie close to 70% in all sorts of drives i.e on campus, off campus, mass recruiters etc. Here we are going to list you how to prepare for the individual sections, important topics etc. And trust us, if you follow these tips , aptitude test  would never be a hurdle.


Below would be general pattern and approach to prepare for aptitude tests, but a day prior to a drive, make sure to go through glassdoor.com for knowing the pattern of their exams, as some companies focus on puzzles, missing patterns, flow chart questions etc. Also make sure to maintain a notebook for quick reference before every drive. Also, follow youtube videos for aptitude preparation and DEAR SIR is also an awesome channel! And finally IndiaBix is exhaustive in terms of material but never ever go through their answer, because they are the worst! In exam you hardly have a minute, go through their discussion forum for the tricks, and trust us you would hardly be getting one different question from what mentioned in IndiaBix. And lastly, if you are preparing for mass companies like TCS,Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant PREPINSTA.com rocks!

Quantitative section:

Important topics:

work and time: most imp, pipes and cisten too, always use the trick method in it.

Speed, time, distance: problems on trains, upstream, downstream, easy scoring.

profit, loss, discount: learn the direct trick formulas, also successive discount

average: fixed indiabix questions are asked

clock and calendar: again formula based

partnership: yes, they are asked and have massive calculations in them

compound interest: always use tricks on it, never ever try to calculate them

ratio proportion: always asked, indiabix discussion forum for every question

Alligation-mixture: Yup, you need time to understand this concept and is imp!

probability:pretty straight forward and easiest of all

Logical section:

Important topics:

Syllogism: Everyone asks them! If you get the concept right, it is 100% scoring, if not you wont be able to clear logical section!

cubes and dices: Indiabix questions are sufficient and so does their tricks

series:toughest of all! practice them, but be prepared to leave these ques in exam to not waste time

Data sufficiency: Again get this concept right and it would be cake walk

Verbal section:

Note: Their is no guide for verbal section, practice them! If you are bad in English then, practice as much mock test and material you can found online! But listed below are some sections you can prepare beforehand!

Comprehension passage:It is time consuming and frustrating, so never read the passage, read the question and pick the line as they are straight forward atleast in placements

Synonym-antonym: Always use elimination method to solve them

preposition based: Always go with the first instinct

Direct-Indirect: Are pretty straight forward, be confident with your answer

Fill in the blanks: Again, go with the first instinct

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