September 29, 2020

Aptitude Test preparation for Engineering students

As placement season is round the corner, here we will discuss why  every engineering student must prepare for aptitude test, how to get started, material to go through,when to start preparing for it and so. So, continue reading!

1.Why every Engineering student must prepare for aptitude test:

After Btech, whatever course or profile you choose, would require you to qualify an aptitude test. In placements round, after you meet all the qualifying criteria, you have to clear an aptitude round before even to enter a technical round. So, no matter how good you are at coding , nobody would let you proceed further if you don’t clear the aptitude round! Even if you want to pursue MS, GRE has an aptitude test; similarly Gate for Mtech, CAT for MBA, civil services- all have an aptitude test. So, aptitude test preparation can never be neglected.

2.How to get started with Aptitude test preparations:

Aptitude test has three sections- quantitative aptitude,logical reasoning and verbal. Quantitative consists of profit and loss, percentage, men and work related questions; logical reasoning- blood relation, series completion etc; verbal- comprehensions, synonyms etc. The bible for aptitude preparation is RS aggarwal book. There are 2 separate book one solely for quantitative while other for both verbal and non-verbal. is the best website for preparation and there are also  Aptitude preparation apps.

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3.Aptitude preparations in limited time:

Now, RS Aggarwal book is indeed very thick! Solving each and every question would in itself  take forever. If you have minimum 4 months in hand then only go through it and only do selected questions from each section. Hence, is the best website and source to do aptitude preparation and it in itself would require approx 2-2.5 months which is quite reasonable! 6th semester is the best time to start aptitude preparation as placement season starts in 7th semester and you don’t want another thing in your ‘to do’ list as placement season, is the biggest stress time in these 4 years!

Hope it has answered all your questions. If you still have any doubt comment below, we would revert back within 24 hours.

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