October 20, 2020

Are jobs in IT sector really going down in India?

[amazon_link asins=’8192124150′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’d56256a2-3e65-11e7-8c81-4576ea38f7db’]Yes, the rumors and news going out on for some days now is indeed true! There has been a significant job cut in top IT recruiting companies-Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Snapdeal, Infosys, Aircel and Wipro. But, the reason of Trump Visa policy isn’t the only one. And, for how to prepare and should you be worried? Find out all in the article below.

  1. Trump Visa policies: As we had expected that Trump would put a pause on the endless queues of Indians working in America, he had brought a new Visa policy under which H-1B Visa holders are asked to come back to India and also made mandatory to have certain number of Americans employed in their company and as a result already thousands of Americans are hired and yes, thousands of Indians are asked to leave.
  2. Advancement in Technology: Technology is advancing and inability to adjust with it has always been the biggest nightmare of the IT professionals and coming true, and also there has been shift to automation adding another reason!
  3. Demonetization: Snapdeal has been the biggest hit due to it, and hence many employees are asked to leave.
  4. Jio : There is no doubt that Jio has hit companies such as Aircel very hard, and affecting their revenue significantly.

But the main question of as Engineering students should you be worried and how could you prepare for it?

Should we be worried? No! These things are part of any industry you work in and these numbers always exist but due to so many factors simultaneously, its making us little tensed, but the best part is that we are still in college and have plenty of time in our hand! So, try to get yourself into these emerging technologies as soon as you can because Cloud, Machine Learning, A.I,BigData these are the stuffs which will start creating lakhs of jobs in recent times!




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