November 25, 2020

Can You turn Virtual friendship into Real Life Relationship?

“Hi! My name is Sonia(changed name), and I am 22 years old. I have been using this dating app called Bumble. I was just randomly using the app, but I met a guy there -Rohit. I accepted the request because he looked cute, and now it has been 3 months, I have been talking to him day and night! He is a genuine guy, really sweet and kindda perfect! We initially exchanged FB ID, number, we have been texting each other using whatsapp and call every once in 2 days, and talk for hours! We mutually decided to meet up at my college fest, and the date went good! I was just wondering that if this virtual friendship, can turn into real relationship? Or Not? I really like this guy! Please help”

Hi, Sonia. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone who reads engineerdiaries! First of all, congratulations to be able to find a nice guy online, as its really tough! Dating a person in real life versus talking to a random guy is really different. But, can this virtual friendship turn into something ‘real’ special? Answer is YESSS!!!!! But it has to be an extreme slow process, like really slow and hence, requires hell amount of patience. So, here is a mini step by step guide or points which will definitely prove beneficial.

1.Firstly, make sure to verify all the information of his through sources! Okay I know its a bit of stalking, but what to do 😉 Authentic Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln profiles can tell the person’s history all together. So, making sure you get to know him a bit, is awesome!

2. Though you can’t meet often, talking on phone is a better way to know each other than chatting! Getting GM,GN, <3 messages are different from talking on the phone and is a lot of personal and intimate than using whatsapp emojis!

3.Ensure to arrange multiple different types of dates. Initially try more public places as its actually safer, and safety is a concern! So, try avoiding going to shady, dark or secluded places, but more like movie, cafes and stuffs!

4.Always remember getting to know someone from chatting, than spending time is going to take a troll on you! As you might witness something different from what to envisioned! So, being patient and open-minded is the key, as it is a tough process.

5.Lastly, its a lot of investment! Time, emotions and even money! So, both the parties need to be open minded that only after 3-4 months, you would be sure of to be or not be in the relationship! So, just holding back yourself initially isn’t bad, but bit necessary!

-All the best. And may be this becomes your Cindrella story!

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