October 20, 2020

CapitalVia Business Analyst On Campus Placement Experience-2018

CapitalVia is a financial market research and consulting company which means that it guides individuals about opportunities to invest, apply shares etc. It was started in 2006 and has two offices-Indore, Karnataka. This is non-tech profile where employee needs to make calls and convince them to associate with CapitalVia. Though job is incentive based, the stipend and CTC is comparable to tech profiles. Their recruitment process is pretty simple a written test, followed by GD, followed by PI. Written test is done on Day1, GD and PI on the next day.


Profile they are are offering is of Business Analyst or Customer Acquisition Manager. They offer 3 months training period with around 10K stipend and following around 3+LPA CTC with additional incentives. They have a bond period of 1 year with Rs75K as recovering cost. The work atmosphere in CapitalVia is full of fun, parties on every weekends with pretty cool managers. SO, if you are looking for non-tech profiles, capitalVia is good to start in the industry with.


Written test is purely aptitude and GK. Aptitude is extremely easy, with English section, basic calculations, profit and loss, series etc. Now, GK is again pretty simple like who is the iron man of India etc. Its all MCQ based. Now, here comes the good news! The platform on which test is run is so naive that you can pretty much open incognito and google the questions! Everyone has same questions in same sequence. But the bad news is that no body knows the criteria on which they select the candidates here as unexpected results might come up as both students have marked the same answer and one is shortlisted while other isn’t! Never the less, one can expect 150 candidates shortlisted or 300.


This is the only important round here. You would be in group of 12 people and be allocated 10 minutes. The topics can be finance related like demonetization, to who is your favorite Katrina or Deepika. Now, the only thing they are looking is some one who speaks up in the initial part of GD. You got to express yourself in the first 3-4 minutes only because after that it is a chaos! Among 12 only 3-4 are selected per round, making around 60 being shortlisted of 150.


It’s a pretty casual round with all the questions like tell me about yourself, are you comfortable moving to Indore, your hobbies etc. Proper non-tech round to check your confidence and communication skills. The round would hardly last 5 minutes per candidate and would be conducted on the same day. After interviews 45 of 60 were selected, so it isn’t that tough! Communication is the Key.

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