October 1, 2020

Coding Round preparation for placements- Engineering Graduates

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended for Google, Amazon or any other Giants! It is only for qualifying mass recruiters like Wipro, TCS and companies of package around 3-6 lpa! But is you read the blog, you will be able to qualify any online coding round with ease. So, read along!

Get used to of coding platforms:

Okay pen and paper coding and coding and passing test cases is entirely different. Get used to of the platforms like Hackerearth and Cocubes coding platform! These two are most commonly used by the companies visiting campus or off-campus drives. Now, Hackerearth platform is pretty annoying! Yes, it is as its going to take forever to compile, auto suggestion doesn’t work much and worse, the question asks you to complete a function and in the code provided there isn’t any function definition! And unfortunately, it is used by most companies! So, better get used to it!

Learn library functions:

Always code in OOP languages like C++.Java or Python. Never C! Use maximum inbuilt function and definitely for Strings! Remembering the library functions like in Java Arrays.sort(), substring(), reverse(), regex are life saviours!And try passing as much test cases poosible and also note in many cases printing direct output too gives you points, so be smart! There are always tricks attached, be open to using these tips and tricks!

Coding problems asked :

Okay, one question is always straightforward using loops and if-else like to search elements or finding pairs(easier edition), and one string function is always there which can only be solved if you remember string functions! So, again remember string functions, maintain a diary and look it up online most asked string questions, because pretty similar one would be asked. Now in stacks, balancing parenthesis is always asked! In tree traversal based too where recursion does the work! So, maintain a diary, and write code of them, and also run on these platforms and you are good to go! You can easily crack any coding round!

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