September 30, 2020

Complete guide to Minor project in Btech

Okay, lets just say it out loud that Final year in Btech is a mess! People grabbing 50 lpa packages, relationships breaking, parents pressures, not been able to crack placements, yes its just way too much to handle, and then comes the minor project to make the situation even worse. But only if you know the stages, and exactly, how much is needed to be done, you would be at peace. So, here is a precise guide to minor project in Btech.

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1.Forming the group

Disclaimer: This indeed is the toughest part. 

Usually colleges allow groups of maximum 3/4 size and yes, some colleges doesn’t allow individual projects. So, you have to find the perfect group and remember people with back out and friends won’t be supportive like before. Final year is a mess!

2.Finding the project idea

Currently using any API and leveraging it or any idea involving blockchain, ML would get easier acceptance. Get your idea ready before forth year starts. Your idea would get tweaked a lot later on and also you need to get your idea approved first , and yes almost 50% get rejected!

3.Finding mentor and Synopsis submission

Once, idea is accepted, find a mentor for your project. What is means is that you need to find a teacher in your department and remember they have limitation of certain number of groups only! So, find any mentor and submit the synopsis which contain brief aspects and purpose of the project. This must be done around 10th Aug.

4.First Presentation

Now, first presentation becomes compulsory in the colleges where synopsis aren’t checked. So, what happens is the project gets approved or rejected at this phase. First presentation usually happens in the last week of August. Its a simple 10 min powerpoint presentation of only your idea which would be crosschecked by all the mentors.

5.Progress report submission and presentation

By the end of September, you should have completed the half of  the project and that’s what is checked here. Its now all technical, and code implementation!

6.Final report submission

By the end of October you need to submit the finish project, submit your project report and get marked on the basis of how tough/easy the project was. This becomes actually easier as you have been approved and checked during earlier stages.

Hope it has answered all your questions. If you still have any doubt comment below, we would revert back within 24 hours.

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