October 20, 2020

Difference between training and internship

So, many of students remain confused about the difference between the two, so I decided to list it down for all the future references.

  1. Learning experience:

Basic difference between the two is that in a training you have to pay money  to an institute or even companies now a days to acquire skills that is know about that language or field like java or .net training whereas in internship, you need to have at least the basic skill set so that they could get their work out of you, as in internship nobody is there to train you!

  2. Money

In training you pay a certain amount of money usually around 10K-20K for 2-6 months depending on the course whereas in internship, companies pay you the money around 2K-15K per month.

3.On resume

Training is considered under acquiring a skill set whereas  internship more as a work experience and both are equally valued till you know about the work you did.

4. Popular courses

Under training popular courses are java, .net, php, bigData, Cloud whereas for internship there is a huge demand of web developers, android developer and for non-tech content writers, digital marketer and marketing and sales person.


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