October 20, 2020

Do you know what love is?

Almost every next question we get is pretty similar to like ” Why can’t she/he love me!” ” What to do if you love someone and they don’t!” “How could I see my ex with someone else!” “How could someone forget so easily the love they had”” Should I date my ex’s best friend?” And what not! So, answering all the question with just one basic question to you, that do you even know what love is?


Let’s talk the real deal now! What love is in 2019! And Do you have ever even experienced love? Before starting first cleanse your system with the idea of whatsapp, instagram  based love. Those Gm,Gn, ❤ messages are not love! chatting everyday on phone, still having insecure feelings isn’t love, it isn’t! Love is and has always been the same old school love, that feeling!!!

  1. Love is the greatest feeling in the world. And love is not about loving that one specific person! Love is what you are! Love is about loving yourself every moment, love is about loving your family, love is showering your love to that special one! Love is unfiltered, unspecific, but just is! And to be able to experience love, you have to love yourself, others! It’s a state of unconditional giving and never asking for anything, because giving is love! And, it is not in the memes! It is always one sided and that’s the beauty of it! Nothing to prove, nothing to hide, always knowing their requirements!
  2. But do you know what life is? life is and should always be beautiful! So, even though you can’t control your love for someone, but putting yourself in a situation where all you going to get is hatred, hurt, thrown into the darkest valleys of life isn’t love! That’s madness! Holding onto something that is deteriorating your well being, could never be love! Rise above it and know when you stop also, because we have the right to make our life beautiful!! Only we have that right!!.
  3. No matter how much you love someone, love can never be put above ethics! NEVER! liking your ex’s best friend is just morally incorrect! That only happens when you didn’t like  your ex ever, and how sad is that! why were you in a relationship! And okay, that’s done, now to put that person into health trying on her best friends, is not even human! Hold onto your ethics, because something born unethically can never bear fruits and would eventually break down! Life is way bigger than you can imagine, and is filled with all sorts of people! Believe in Almighty and just don’t go into this mud!


-Hope, we have answered your question. Wish you all the best in life!

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