September 29, 2020

Evaluating your first semester results

So, first semester has ended, and we have no clue as what to expect from the results , if it is good or I need to work harder? What to do if you you have not cleared one/ two subjects? And so much more. So to answer most of your questions, this is the post to look forward to have better understanding as what to need to do in your second semester.

1.Getting 9.0+GPA or 80%+percentage:

So, Congrats on getting great result and you are off to a great start, but remember that first semester is the easiest of all. You, yourself know that you didn’t need to work any hard, it was pretty easy!So, be prepared to work much harder than this to maintain this in the next semesters and also, don’t at all expect to get the same result with same amount of preparation in other semester as you did in this one and expect about -.2/-5% lower!

2.Getting below 9.0 GPA or below 80%: 

First of all, congrats on managing to clear all the subjects and not getting any’back’! So, be stress free! But, you should know that no matter what the cutoff percentage is, companies always prefer people with higher percentages and even many companies, have the criteria as high as 9.0 GPA and also, in the subsequent semester, you would be getting lower percentages, so you need to work a little harder, that’s it.

3.Not cleared any  of the subjects or got a back:

It is perfectly okay! No need to feel disheartened or have so called ‘future’ crisis. First semester is the hardest as you are not at all aware of almost everything-exam pattern, study pattern, cultural shock etc etc. The good news is that you have got your wake up call in such preliminary stage that after an year, it won’t make a difference at all!At this stage you shouldn’t be worried about jobs or anything as you would have a lot like really a lot of opportunities to get over it! So, just be relax, work harder and make sure to not get any back. Be a more regular to college, and that’s it, you are good to go!

So, if the article helps or you still have any queries, ask in the comment section. And all the best !


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