September 29, 2020

Factors to consider before joining a company-Engineering Graduates

Joining a company fresh out of the college, having no knowledge of the industry seems really daunting. But we are here to guide you through the factors you must consider before joining a company considering the fact you would signing a bond of some years, and also want to kick start your career on positive note!

1. Package:

Needless to say package and CTC being offered is a big priority. Settling for package under 3 lpa  is something you should give a serious thought about! Also, getting a package of 18lpa is nothing but dream come true, but can you see yourself bearing that much pressure and capability to see people at 3 lpa, getting 18 lpa in  years and you growing upto only 24 lpa! The message is simple be prepared! And remain confident with the choice you make, without being bothered about others lives.

2. Distance:

Distance is a big factor! Travelling 2 hrs in Delhi/Banglore traffic and pollution would only make your life hell! Money can’t buy your health! Your health should be your priority because imagine to receive cheque of 1 lakhs but bulging stomach, hairloss, bad posture and having low self esteem is definitely not the aim! Prioritize your life!

3. Profile offered:

Changing profiles become tough, so if you opt for testing at 7lpa, remember the growth opportunity are less whereas working as developer for 3.5 lpa is better! The industry gives higher package for testing profiles so that you stay there only, everyone wants their benefit. Think about it!

4.Working hours:

Strict long working hours, frequently late night work , working even in weekends seems okay in the beginning, but you want a life of your own too! Don’t be a slave. It’s your life, you have to answer yourself first then others!

5. Working Environment:

Working environment is tricky to judge, but can be guessed by frequent visits to the office itself. Look at the senior most person there, the chances of company following same principles would be huge. Gender ratio is a critical factor too, because being a young lady you would need another woman to share stuffs!

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