September 29, 2020

FOMO is a Real Deal!

“Hi! I am Roshni. I am 20 years old pursuing B.Led programme from Delhi University. Being honest here, I have been single forever. Had one crush, told him about that, and just that!  All my friends are committed or been in a decent long term relationship and stuffs.  There is a deep down fear of being left out one! There has never been any guy in my life and  I do want to be in a relationship, like I even tried Tinder, Bumble, chatted on Instagram with guys and stuff! How to deal with this FOMO! It is depressing me!”


Hi, Roshni thank you for putting yourself out there. FOMO-FEAR OF MISSING OUT, is a real deal! You are currently dealing with FOMO in love life, but people are madly facing FOMO in every stuff like GOT, Avengers, FIFA, Cricket World Cups, GK, like pretty much every stuff. Atleast you have found that you are dealing with FOMO, but millions people are living with it! But, coming to your question! The answer is pretty deep, but would try to get into it a little for now, so that you could gain some insights into it<3

  1. The deep root of this problem is the system itself. We all think that by the time we are 25, we should be, or about to get married. Which puts immense pressure on today to atleast find yourself a bf/gf. What happens here is that, due to this pressure people do get into relationship, but 70% (which is shockingly but true) never reach the stage of forever and always and shift their choice down the road! So, those relationships(though we all hope that they get happy endings) shouldn’t affect you. Free yourself with this perfect life pressure, and live the life as it comes.
  2. Faith is not a small thing, it helps to conquer anything and everything! If you in truest sense have faith that something better than what you ever imagined is on the way, your life would be beautiful! And why not, everybody face some sort of struggle, Priyanka Chopra got married at 36 yrs! And zillion examples lie in front of us! Being happy is the priority, so just wait because this period is also special.
  3. Live this time. Ask anyone who is in relationship, they might not show but all of them are kind of envy of single people because you have the entire time in the world!So, just  Be single and hot (wink!) And you would forget about anything else. Use this time for your passion, guitar, dance , gym its all about loving yourself, just the way you always wanted someone would!

-Hope, we have answered your question. Wish you all the best in life!

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