October 23, 2020

Google I/O 17-Google Keynote highlights

[amazon_link asins=’B00XANZZTA’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’2796422f-3cc2-11e7-82d3-ab185a88311d’]So, yesterday CEO of Google Sundar Pichai along with senior product managers in Google presented eleventh Google I/O – Google Keynote.It was 2 hours long event where Google disclosed all the progress made since last year, and also their vision for the coming year. So, if you haven’t watched it then covering below are some highlights of the event.

1. OUTLINE:The event outlined all the major Google products- Search Engine, G-mail, Android, Youtube, Maps, Google assistant, Google drive, Google photos and much more but they major advancement in all these products is the shift from mobile first to AI first. That is Google is making its products smarter by shifting them to technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.Now lets’ have a look at key highlights at all the other products.

2.Google lens: Incorporating Machine Learning , Google assistant and search engine all in one to take basic search engine at another level. So, Google lens is indeed pretty cool and definitely could be the next big thing for Google.

3.Google for Medical: Don’t worry this is no product, just an heading. Google is now investing a lot of money to use technology help the world in medical arena just like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and diabetes curing and detection of breast cancer being the top most priorities. In the end of the keynote Sundar Pichai highlighted achievement of 17 year teenager for breast cancer using Machine Learning.

4.Google Assistant: This year Google is investing a lot in taking  Google Assistant to another level which could be understood by knowing that almost 20% of keynote talked about it. And Google assistant is taking the dream of a helper Robot who lives in our mobile alive and way- way better than Siri!

5.Google home and Google photos: Google home is a speaker with built in Google Assistant to provide the same experience but this time our Robot lives in a speaker . Google photos is taking the way we store our photos to another level too with suggested sharing being at top of it.

6.Youtube and Android: The most important update to be included in Youtube is Superchat and its no exciting or new at all. And in android lot was talked about getting android in the wearables and TV, which have started witnessing now only, but the big thing is that Android would now support another language called Kotlin. I still don’t know why its so big?

7.Google play store and Android O: Google is increasing the security level in apps, but the big announcement here was of launching cheaper phones having Android O.This step is worth the biggest applaud as world indeed needs smarter phones at cheaper rates and Google explained all regarding the low processor and development of Android O.

8.Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: For all the game lovers and education department this is the big highlight. Samsung Galaxy S8 would support virtual reality experience. And, also google showed us some pretty cool advancement in Visual Positioning System to find anything in our home via phone!

9. Google for jobs: The biggest announcement here, of Google helping employers find employees and working with Linkedin and monster.com too.

Summary: It was amazing to see so many women in the software world and doing at par with men.And also being Indian seeing half of the software leaders as Indian in indeed pretty special. For all the engineers and developers out there, one thing we must take from here is that Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere and we must include them in our skill set for better future!




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