November 30, 2020

Group Discussion Round Preparation

There so many of the students who fear GD round, as GD round is straight up elimination round, where there is hardly anytime to express yourself. GDs are a mess! It is said to be a 10 minute discussion thing, but you hardly would get 20 secs which are too less. So, if you are among those shy people fearing GDs and are sure won’t be able to qualify among the dominating people this blog is just for you. So, Read along.

1. When to start

Always panic, make effort and just go for it after the first person has spoken! you won’t get any time after that. Just go for it, interrupt the first person and go for it. It is not the round for saints. Company wants to see hunger in you. GD eliminates people just like that! So, make sure to speak up within the first minute itself. Be mentally prepare to bring that evil side in you! If you badly want to get placed. Speak up! All the GD mocks you have heard of to be courteous and all, never works out. Because its a mess out there! So, just be in that mindset of being out there!

2. How to interrupt someone in between

The most important part, because you have to speak up and don’t want to be rude either. So, remember these lines- I want to add to that; Yes, I agree and wanted to say; Sorry,  to cut in between but I wanted to express my views.  Just be out there, that person is waiting to see how you interrupt and be loud! Loud, expressive but not rude. Think atleast 3 points in your head so that you could atleast say one there

3. What to say when you don’t understand the topic

When you don’t know the topic or the topic itself is controversial, modify the topic and say anything general. And also waiting for the first person will give you enough idea, but remember to speak up just after first one is done. Like if the topic is about pesticides found in vegetables etc, you can say washing  fruits and vegetables is a must. Gov.t must make people aware about it etc. Just divert it. And on controversial topics like should men rule the world or women? Always be neutral, that world needs love, equality. And I firmly believe in equality etc stuff.

4. How to express in the middle of the chaos

The end of the GD is a chaos! No one can speak up, the louder you speak, more noise it is. There is actually no way out there, because the person conducting will call the round off any moment. And it would hurt badly to see that you weren’t able to speak even! So, realize that and be aggressive from the very first go itself!

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