October 1, 2020
headphones buying guide

4 Tips On Which Is The Best Headphone To Buy In 2020

If you are planning to buy a new pair of headphone or just wondering what are the new kinds of headphones available in the market then you have landed the perfect place! More than anything you should be clear in your head as whats the major goal of as to why buy a new pair like you need it for running, playing PUBG, for airplanes because ones that’s done then you could narrow it down as trust us there are all kinds of headphones available in design, shape, sizes and budget! So, lets just get started with this latest headphone buying guide 2020.

1.Types of Headphones:

There are basically two types of headphones: over-ear and on-ear headphones. Note we are not counting earphones as a type here because that a separate thing! Over-ear ones are the one with cushion support that completely blocks the external sound whereas  on-ear headphones don’t usually do that, its bit safer as you could still get external noises.And, yes they both come with ‘with mic’ and ‘without mic’ options and also wireless options are too there so yess!!!

2. Which one is better for what:

If you want amazing sound experience go for Over-ear headphones so, playing pubg ✅, and would definitely be on the higher price point, but engineer diaries would be absolutely honest with you and would not forget to mention that please guys be safer as they would harm your hearing! Yes, it is not safe to use them longer and people are using it everyday but still! Now, On-ear phones are perfect for running as okay understand this that while running its crucial to be able to hear sounds of surroundings. C’mon people get killed due to headphones so be safe as you need to know if a dog is behind you or not!

3.Companies to go for:

JBL,Sony,Boat are all to go for in terms of budgeting, but BOSE💓!!!SO, if you could spend, and count it as investment BOSE is the boss baby!!!

4.Engineer Diaries Picks:

So, here are our favorite which you can buy from amazon easily.


The best in the market!!!!!!Quality💓One year warranty✅




Is there anything Sony has produced bad? No right! It also has fab reviews!!


Boat is also a big name in the audio industry and the most affordable headphone with quality to die for. The only complain with Boat headphones are that they are bit tight but you could always fix that!

We hope that you would have enjoyed this tiny read. You can always ask us anything in the comment section below. We revert back within 24 hrs.💓

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