November 27, 2020
How Good is GeeksForGeeks for Interview Preparation, Programming|Review

How Good is GeeksForGeeks for Interview Preparation, Programming|Review

This by far has been the most requested answer by all the engineers! Once you enter Btech all the hype is regarding geeksforgeeks, learning data structure, algorithm etc and etc from it. But does it really help to crack interview? How authentic is it? And do you have to go through every post from them to learn basic JAVA,C,C++ and how it is in comparison with Hackerrank or hackerearth! And the most asked question, how geeks for geeks started!! So, in this blog post we have got it all covered for you! So, sit back and enjoy this informative 3 min read from engineerdiaries.

1.How geeksforgeeks started, how old it is, how much geeksforgeeks make?

GeeksforGeeks was founded in 2009 by Sandeep Jain who is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. He started with geeksforgeeks as just a blog based site with articles on programming questions, then later on expanded to courses and now is a portal covering  programming questions, interview experiences and even a coding platform taking inspiration from other competitive coding sites.

Geeksforgeeks is a rich portal with atleast ten thousand of content and even more. 10million+ per day views so this just via adsense must have a turnover of 5-6cr per year which is 50lakhs+ monthly. Now they also are offering courses and live teaching programs and now even started hiring platforms like heackerrank so they are doing some incredible big numbers in just 10 years span which is commendable!

2.How good geeksforgeeks is for interview preparation, coding and for examinations?

There is no doubt that content of geeksforgeeks is highly reliable, concise and holds immense quality. But one needs to utilize this in best possible way as geeksforgeeks has a lot of content like a lot!! And there is absolutely no need to go through that all!!!

For interview preparation specifically, if you are going into a service based company then it is all about machine learning, angular, react, node ! So, of course the platform doesnt provide them! But for product based companies you need your data structure and algorithms, and to start with and get basics right geeksforgeeks would be perfect but for coding practices again there are way too many questions so go for other platforms like hackerrank!

Even for btech examinations, graphs, trees, java,sql all is there on geeksforgeeks but knowing what to choose to read is the trick! Because you got to filter out for yourself as you just need basics, after that dive deep into competitive coding!!

3.Geeksforgeeks vs hackerrank which one is better?

Now, this is the section you all were looking for right! Now thing is that both are designed for specific reasons! If you fear arrays and data structure the best way is to read about them where geeksforgeeks help but you would never be able to crack arrays with theory!! You need to code, thats when hackerrank comes up!

Also, once you are kind of familiar with data structure, algo and graphs use geeksforgeeks as to brush up the syntax or something because if you stick to this site for long then you would never be able to go into depth of coding which hackerrank would make up pro at it!!

Hope, it must have answered all you questions❣

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