November 30, 2020
How Good is HackerRank for Competitive Coding,jobs|Review

How Good is HackerRank for Competitive Coding,jobs|Review

I don’t know why but most engineers are sacred of competitive coding itself! They scared of hackerank, don’t know where to start, and if you could actually skip it to get a job!! There are so many questions been asked to us over and over again that we have created this once for all piece so that most of your queries regarding this platform get answered and majorly if you could get placed from it too! First lets start with how this platform started altogether!

1.How HackerRank started, how old it is, how they make money?

The journey to HackerRank first began in July 2009, when computer science graduates Vivek and Hari worked at Amazon and IBM (respectively) for about a year in Bangalore. Both were on interview panels, inundated with endless hours of resume reviews, phone screens, and onsite interviews. And from InterviewStreet, to what now called is HackerRank.

HackerRank is purely hiring platform! They let coders to learn and develop their skill in competitive coding and hosts various contest to improve their ranking which are further sponsored by various companies who hire their developers through these contests. So, developer improve their skill and employers hire talented engineers via it.

2.How to get started with HackerRank and competitive coding!

Competitive coding has been made such a hyped term that even before students start they are easily intimidated by it. What we learn in theory to actually been able to implement in real life scenarios is what competitive coding all about. They present a case study, to got to provide optimize solution and ofcourse via code and use your existing java,c,c++, js etc skill language. Now, the competitive aspect of it is basically Rank based where you got to solve in the least amount of time and hence get better score and better chances of getting hired!

To start with on hackerRank, choose one programming language and do 30 days of code program which you could easily do in a week. Once you are comfortable with the platform start weekly, monthly, old contest and keep on registering yourself on the newer ones! The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to quit. So, would not always have time for it but just still got to keep on progressing bit by bit!

3.Getting placed , interview preparation with HackerRank

HackerRank hiring platform is 100% transparent! You see top rankers, their solution, time in which they have done it. Followed by telephonic and on site interview afterwards. Even if say someone else answers questions from others login there would be telephonic and other rounds to guarantee it.

Now the beauty is if you not get hired through HackerRank platform as ofcourse thousands participate and only top 3 are selected, your skill set is remarkably improved that you are confident to participate in individual  hirings for Paytm,Google, Microsoft and thats what one want!

Hope, it must have answered all you questions❣

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