October 1, 2020

How to become DevOps Engineer in India

Becoming successful has nothing to do with hard work and knowledge! Its all about smart work! When you distinguish yourself from the crowd that’s when you get success! Getting into development is old school and now has not even that big of scope as getting a fresher developer, training them and getting work from them is pretty inexpensive! When the market is changing, take the best advantage that is out there and grab the opportunity, and becoming a devOps engineer is one! If you want to be someone who is irreplaceable, be a devOps engineer!

So, here is how to get started with devOps, and get into the market. DevOps is an opportunity, and just do not miss it!

1.Sound knowledge of Version Control System(VCS):

Knowledge of version control system is just a mandatory in the IT industry. But having a command over it, is a skill! Because no matter since how long you have been working with Git, every time you push any changes you have to think twice! Knowledge of Git, and experience with platforms like Github,BitBucket,Gitlab is going to give you great results in a long run! There are tutorials on the same on Coursera,Udacity to get you the basics. But to be able to manage big projects you need a management brain, that only comes when you start playing with it a bit. So, play with it for good 2-3 months, get a hang of it and you are going to love your job!!!! What else you want😉

2. Knowledge of Any Cloud Server:

AWS (Amazon web services) is ruling the market!! It has made Jeff Bezos, the richest person on planet. So getting experience in it is the biggest investment you could put on your own self! Just knowledge and fine experience with AWS could give you those dream number salary figures ! And it happening in the industry! This is  not at all superficial, so grab the opportunity and be smart. Experience with rather any one be it Alibaba cloud, Digital Ocean anyone is worth every bit of effort! And it is also going to take around 3 months to get complete hang of it!

3. Knowledge on deployment and great start in the industry:

If you deployed any one be it-.net application, node.js server, php or even wordpress, you are good to go! Deployment is the same, scary at first go and piece of cake from second attempt. But, yes there is but, keeping a server live, not getting 5XX error, fixing them in the code itself is  a hell! It is 24/7 job and would exhaust someone who isnt passionate enough! So, getting this job in any startup is the best thing you could do to yourself! Get profile of devOps engineer in a startup and learn the most you can, and give yourself 2-3 years minimum!

Hope, it would have brought lot more clarity from where you started. If you still have an any doubt, leave it in the comment section below. Our team would revert back within 24 hours.

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