September 29, 2020

How to crack technical Interview -Engineering Graduates

Cracking technical interview becomes a matter of game and trick after you have attended 5 interviews because same questions are asked by every interviewer! But here we are going to spare you with those experiences and give all the tricks to crack any technical interview with confidence and basic technical knowledge. So, there are basically three parts – Resume oriented, Basic interview questions, Puzzle time! So, we are going to talk about all the three in detail in this blog. Read along.

Most asked Interview questions:

Coding: In coding, they will give you pen and paper and ask you to code any star pattern based questions, String questions approach without inbuilt method, quick sort, heap sort are asked to pseudo code in the chosen language.

Java/C++: OOPs is a must! Everything related to OOPs will be asked. Exceptional handling, static keyword, are always among the most asked question.

Sql:normalization(you have to normalize a table there), writing queries, difference between having and group by etc are most asked sql questions.

Data Structure/Algorithm:Implementing stack using queue and vice-a-versa is always asked!

Resume Oriented:

Any technology you have mentioned in your resume would be asked, so if written node. js or cloud computing etc do prepare for frequently asked interview questions on them for sure! Never go in-depth as they themselves will be googling interview questions on same in front of you! Yup, this happens all the time

Puzzle Questions:

Now, puzzles are always asked too. 2 gatekeeps, 25 horses race, 3 bulbs, 1000 bottles puzzles etc are the most asked one. They want to know your approach, hardly any company eliminate if you answer them incorrectly, but yes if they have already selected the bunch of candidates for the day, they would ask you more and more puzzles, as to give you are reason of not selecting you!

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