November 27, 2020
How to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence as Freshers,Salary,Scope in India

How to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence as Freshers,Salary,Scope in India

The market for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning is growing at a rapid pace!! And if  you are someone who just wants to get into that space and grow in your skill set we are going to talk just that as this space is a bliss! Its fun, enriching, being with time and also has a lot of MONEY!💲💲💲We are going to get into the skill set required, qualifications, and how to acquire those and finally ofcourse salary and scope in India for AI!!! So, lets get straight into it!!

1.Skill Set required for Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India

As a fresher level that is few years into AI/ML developer you not need much hands on project experience but done courses or certifications. So, even if you are web , android or java developer and want to switch to Artificial Intelligence or Machine or Deep learning profile you need to get the basics right! You would be good to go for any startup having remote projects as mostly in India we deal we US/Canada based clients as they give more hourly based money than Indian clients. Also AI work is more data centric and development work than maintenance unlike web or java based profiles! So, lets break it down for ya!

1. Python, Python Python!

You got to be comfortable with Python language, Basics, Anaconda IDE etc so that you can atleast code! Remember that there is not a lot of resource on internet yet so getting python as your go to language is a must!!!

2. Python Libraries-Panda,sklearn

Proficiency with Python and basic libraries for machine learning such as scikit-learn and pandas is a must and not just that work with ML algorithms! Their probability -Decision Tree,Naive Bayes,kNN,K-Means,Random Forest. And ofcourse TensorFlow, PyTorch!

3. Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Training model, extracting data from dataset, cleaning data is your key job! Expertise in visualizing and manipulating big datasets is what you are aiming here for!


If you are into development you have to be familiar with Azure cloud, AWS, Docker or Kubernetes! For startup companies you got to do everything and you need to be just familiar with them as in you could deploy your project and hence maintain it! But DevOps is already the COOLEST!

5.Database management

Comfortable with/ in love with any one Relational databases including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Azure SQL, Oracle. People also demand nosql database so just know MongoDb!

2.How to acquire the skills for AI/ML/Deep Learning:

We hope you are not scared rather intrigued as you are getting into cool stuffs! You are gonna be ‘IN’ and not ‘Dated’! So, starting from scratch or brushing up or leaving from where you left! You need dedicated 6 months boy! But the good thing is there are some amazing courses available online on Coursera and Udacity!! And it has been asked from us for so many times that there is coming a separate review blog on them too, so stay tuned guys!!

Also, DON’t go for offline courses!! DONT!! Coding needs to be self taught!! Just don’t fall into those gimmicks! As they might be the best teachers and provide best material, path etc but coding needs to be SELF TAUGHT!

3.Expected Salary, Scope and Growth in India

There is a lot of money in AI/ML!! Alot! In India again a lot!! As a fresher with say 2-4 years into the industry or even absolute fresher you can easily get like 6-10lpa as a starting!! And we are talking about startups here or what we call service based smaller companies! But for product based, starting is getting started with 12 lpa and just with 2 years of experience into AI you are going big numbers-16 to 25 lpa and even more!!! So, get your basics right!! And these not hypothetical numbers, its what industry is offering! Glassdoor and Linkedln verifies that for ya!!

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