September 30, 2020

How to get over low marks in Jee Mains?

[amazon_link asins=’B01MY3G81K’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’c2838031-31bc-11e7-92f8-5f474f481adc’]Prepared so hard for 2 years, neglected friends, family and friends chasing only one dream day and night and still not be able to get it, is indeed tough. So, I am listing down some points which helped me and hope that it helps you too get over this phase for all now.

1.Be proud of yourself: Its all filmy that parents are gonna hug you and say that we are proud of you, so its your life and only you know that you worked for it and may be did some mistakes in between, its OK. Love yourself and say it to yourself that “man I never thought I could come this far” and be proud!!!!!

2.Talk to parents: Say the same to the parents and no matter how they react, just say them loud and lovingly that ” Mom, Dad I really worked hard and I am proud of myself, and I promise you that your son/ daughter would be successful no matter what!”

3.Marks are not equivalent money: There are mere numbers, marks are not at all comparable to how much you would be successful, see for yourself that 15 yrs youtubers are earning in lakhs and 12th passed Bollywood celebs in crores, believe in yourself that in one thing or other you would be successful!

4.If those mistakes still haunt you: You can give Jee again in college and if you are no longer eligible trust me, once in college you would be laughing at this over- hyped Jee stress!!

5.Know the reality:The thing you so much wished of say being a top IItian from Kharaghpur that is have life equivalent to Sundar Pichai, right? Our own Shahrukh Khan earns no less than him, and he is no where from IIT. So chill man!! The hype is created by blood sucking coaching centers on whom’s trap your parents are trapped into, at least don’t let yourself get into!!

Life is still amazing, take a vacation, start working out and relax, because its the beginning of something magical!


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