October 23, 2020

How to prepare for campus placements for Engineering Graduates

Okay, get this straight. Cracking interview is entirely different from being extraordinary coder, or developed superb apps. On -campus placements in which jobs for machine learners, cloud computers, android developer are extremely less and the market is filled for Java developers! The companies do come for specific domain, but here we are going to give a general pattern for placement procedures and how can you prepare for it.

Word of Advice

Never get demotivated by initial struggles. Time Frame for Getting placed could vary from week to even year. So, you need to have patience and there are plenty of job opportunities off campus too. After sitting in about 5 drives you would get the idea of what needs to be done, and leverage that time to acquire that knowledge. And even if you are extremely bad in aptitude, technical or speaking skills, by the end of say 6 months, you would be able to crack any interview anytime!

Aptitude Preparation

Every company does take an aptitude test and every student has to prepare for aptitude test. Indiabix is self sufficient, you need about a month to prepare for it. Online tutorials are available and tricks to solve them could be learnt easily. Section wise cut offs are there and one needs about 70% to clear the cutoffs. Technical test is also there, for which data structure algorithm, java, oops, output questions are the key. All is quite basic and if you are through with basic you can easily clear the aptitude.

Coding round Preparation

Try using C++, Java , python than C language. learn to use inbuilt functions. And  never forget to be through with String and String functions. And also get comfortable in coding in Hackerearth platform. Because similar platforms are used for coding round. Basic sorting, loops questions are asked. Stacks, and trees are also often used.

Technical Interview Preparation

Oops is the key. Apart from that puzzles are asked , and yes almost all of them asks puzzles! Sql is also an important and lastly through with every word of your resume. And always make the interview process centred around your strengths like Java, sql, etc.

Cracking interview requires only one thing which is Belief in yourself. Never get demotivated and keep on applying on as much applications you can for off-campus drives too. Don’t be solely dependent on campus placements, and you would be able to qualify any drive.

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