September 29, 2020

How to prepare for mass Recruiters Off campus Drives

If you are from tier-2 or Tier-3 college, qualifying mass recruiters drives becomes the only option, as mass recruiters take students in huge massive bulk! When you visit for any off campus drive, you would usually find around 50-200 students and among that hardly 2 are selected. Screening process becomes extremely tough, whereas for mass companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture,Cognizant etc, the process is extremely simplified and chances of qualifying is extremely high, but you need to prepare well for all the elimination rounds! If you miss on these opportunities, with time your morale too would be going down. So, here is a simplified guide on the same.

Apply on the initial dates:

All the big tech giants which are listed above, have extreme high rate of crashing down in the end days and also in between days! And all of them have huge forms, documents needed to be uploaded within few days criteria. So, be extremely vigilant about it as if you miss on these opportunities, you might regret it forever!  Also follow sites like offcampusjobs4u,, prepinsta about their respective drives date. Be even more disciplined with follow up mails and keep on checking with your friends as you might miss on the mails, happen always!

Prepare for aptitude round:

You need to qualify all the three sections-verbal, quant,logical. You have to prepare for them pretty well! Though syllabus for all is pretty much the same, but still look it up at prepInsta. PrepInsta is your bible for mass companies and yes, prepare really well from IndiaBix. And remember to always use tricks in every question. You would get only a minute for a question, so keep that in mind. Time is the trick!

Prepare for coding round:

You need to solve 1 of 2 questions. Though some companies don’t have coding round, but if that company has look it up at prepinsta. Prepare really well sortings, searchings, strings. These three are enough to let you qualify this round!

Prepare for technical round:

Minimize your resume, focus on OOps and SQL and you are sorted! Prepare your project well and look at interview experiences at geeksforgeeks, prepInsta, MyGeekMonkey and choose a language between C++/Java, as almost everything will be around it. Do prepare basic puzzles!

Prepare for HR round:

Confidence, smile is the key. But remember there are going to be tricky questions thrown at you and every answer should point to one fact “You are going to be Loyal to the company”. Many people are unable to clear HR rounds too, so do focus and don’t be over confident. And also, never ever reveal any other offer letter you have, because you would fall into the series of unanswerable questions!

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