October 20, 2020

How to prepare yourself for Engineering College?

Engineering Colleges in India usually begin between July and August, and there are indeed plenty of stuffs you need to prepare for. So, here is the list of top 4 things you need to prepare for, before entering Engineering College.

1. No need to join any Computer Science Class:

I know most of people say that you need to do a crash course on C++/python before entering the college, but the reality is everything is taught from the very basic in the college. So, stop worrying about that and even if you find yourself lagging behind, during the college time you would get plenty of time in first year to cover up that. So, enjoy these vacations.

2. Get fitter

After giving these hectic boards and never ending entrance exams, now is the time to get your body in shape! From gaining lots of weight to hunching backs, there are indeed lot of things to need to take care and this is the perfect time for it. Join a gym or swimming class and just engage yourself in any sort of physical activity, not just gonna help you look good but feel way lighter.

3. Build Your wardrobe:

This is a real important deal as in college everybody needs to up their game on dressing, not for others but for yourself as you are gonna jump from your teens to grown up young men and women. Go out shopping, buy clothes, belts, sunglasses, new specs frame etc, just rebuild yourself.

You need to relax yourself as we all know that its really stressful, the results, waiting for them, staying away from your friends and a lot, but chill as you don’t want to enter the college with grey hairs!


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