September 29, 2020

How to spend Winter breaks for Second Year Engineering Student

So, third semester has rolled by as we all are still struggling to find which training to join, or internship to apply or course to join? So, presenting you the top 5 things to pursue during your winter breaks of second year and optimize your time, but make sure to join at least one!

1.Join a paid training course:

Many companies offer paid training opportunities and there are really good for learning as well as looks good on resume! Companies like HCL and other institutes such as Coding blocks, Coding Ninjas offer various courses in android development, web development, Java, .net etc.

2. Enrolling in free online courses:

This is one of the best option as you can study from the renowned institutes across the globe at the comfort of your house and that too for free! Almost all the courses from cloud computing, AI, android, embedded are available on the websites such as Coursera, Udacity, NPTEL so do check them out as they are true gems!

3.Read books related to the course:

Nothing can replace our loved books! But, here I am online talking about related to the course as this is something which could ultimately give you a job. All you have to do is pick a subject/ course and if you don’t know what then go for the most heard and popular ones. Type in the books related to in google search and start reading. Most books you can find in your institute library, and if not almost all the pdfs are available on the web and if still unlucky them buy them from amazon as no book is gonna cost you much!

4. Explore competitive coding websites:

Hackerrank, codechef, hackerearth are some of the most popular coding websites. To start with any of the website, try your hands on first the tutorials available and then, start participating in contest. Don’t worry about your scores or rank, just keep exploring them and just participating in them you are going to learn so much!

5.Contributing in Open Source Projects:

Open source is the best platform existing for the engineering geeks like us. And with GSOC round the corner, its the perfect time to start contributing the projects because at this stage the industrial experience we want, can only be achieved here.



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