November 25, 2020

HR Round Preparation for Engineering Graduates

HR round is the easiest of all! Its meant just for talking! But, if you fall behind those tricky questions and aren’t able to qualify HR, this is the worst feeling ever! And it happens alot, people easily qualify technical, aptitude but  fall back in HR Round. So, first of all remember that HR round is tricky, these aren’t ever straight forward questions! But to give you more insights on the same, below are most asked HR Round questions and dummy answers to help you even better.

1. Tell me about yourself

Okay, always be prepared for this question as it is always asked. Try make it short and concise. Now you are answering it to HR who has no technical knowledge so don’t add those details on it. If your answers seems shorter and he/she is expecting to know more about you, then only talk about your hobbies etc.

A: Hello, sir my name is X(never say myself X, and say your full name). I am final year cse student from Y university. Sir, I am born and brought in Delhi and done my schooling from ABC school. My family is also from Delhi. My father is an Engineer in DEF company, and mother is homemaker(never housewife). I also have an elder brother who is working in Banglore in PQR company for past 2 years.

2. What are your hobbies

Anything creative, don’t say stuffs like sleeping, watching netflix, listening music, talking etc. Atleast start with something creative then, can add on stuffs like playing PUBG etc.

A: Sir, I love playing basketball. I play once a week with my friends. Also, I enjoy singing and dancing, but nowhere close to trained people. I draw too sometimes, but now hardly get any time to draw!

3. What is your weakness/strengths

See, never say the truth! And also don’t boast like too hard working, too determined etc. Like please, dont! Slightly, moderate is the best. And explain it to convince that you are working on it or improved a ton in the same!

A: Sir, my family is my strength. Any bad phase in my life, there are always been there, they can get me through anything. Everything I do is for them! My weakness is that I am pretty emotional person. But, have grown and improved in the course of the Btech programme itself.

4. How was your day till now

Please don’t complain! I waited for too long or was extremely nervous etc.

A: Sir, was pretty nervous initially, but now happy to able to clear such difficult rounds among hundreds who appeared. So great sir!

5.Where do you see yourself after 5 years

Be specific, stick to the same company for which you are interviewing and finally stick to Engineering domain only. Never say like married with kids or opening your own startups!

A:Sir, 5 years down the line I would still be making softwares, fixing bugs and hopefully at the post of Team Lead in your esteemed company!

6. What is your dream company

Never say Google! Just the company you are interviewing with is your dream company!

A: Sir, this company is my dream company as I have heard alot about your company, it is closer to my house and I just love the profile I am being offered!

7. Are you flexible with timings and working late nights

Often asked for female candidates.

A: Yes sir, I am at initial stage of my career and I have a lot to proof! I am waiting for the opportunity and wouldn’t let any stone unturned.

8. Have your interviewed somewhere else

Well saying yes, and explaining that is tough! Because then you might fall into trap of those tough questions.

A: No, sir. I haven’t because I was waiting for company near my house/ profile of my choice.

9. Which company is better this or X

Always asked by masses. Infosys is better or TCS

A: Sir, this company is the best. I have been listening the name of the company from my father, since I was like 5. I just now realized that I am kind of living my dream!

10.Convince us why are you the most suitable candidate for the profile

A: Sir, I love to code. Have been coding since 11th. My whole profile is around this domain. I am extremely hard working, and my grades too depict that. Just waiting for an opportunity to prove myself!

11. Suppose:” There is a deadline of a work. And one of your colleague is dependent on you to help him. So, would you help him or complete your work first”

This is a trick question. No matter how much they pressurize never say I would focus on my work first. Because they are least concerned by your agendas, but only about company’s growth. Never answer completely, just turn the question a bit.

A: Sir, I would focus on the work which has more priority. Even if it’s the colleagues work.

12. What is more important to you company or profile?

Again trick ques. Always and always say company as if you choose profile things might turn nasty immediately. But, also if you are sure that you don’t want to go into testing and have a development option in hand. Then say the truth!

A: In my case, it is company. I have heard a lot about your company , and would love to participate in the growth of the company.

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