September 29, 2020

Importance of giving ‘space’ in a relationship!

“Hi, My name is Arshia. I am third year Btech student from Delhi. So, I had never been in any relationship till second year. but in third year I was in back to back two relationship, and both lasted for  around 2 months each. Well back to back means kind of 6 month month apart! Now the point I want to ask is that in those two months I chatted with the guys on whatsapp throughout the day, from good morning message to good night message! But, recently I was just randomly going through stuffs online after my breakup which states there should be space in a relationship! Can you elaborate that point a little! I am in a healthy state, but still wanna know for future aspect. Would be great help! Thanks in advance<3”


Hi! Arshia, Thank you for sharing your story with us. Well, you have put across a really important point here which is the foundation of any relationship. ‘Space’ is such commonly used term, but has such a deep roots attached to it. Without understanding what it means in real sense, you can never truely get idea of any relationship ! Here we will talk about SPACE in its truest and purest sense. I hope after that, no matter what someone says, who would always know to do the RIGHT thing, and that’s what we all are looking for! Don’t we?

  1. Every relationship starts with two people having urge to talk to each other, get to know one another where one person always wanted it to happen, but for other person its actually a new thing happening! The initial talks, compliments, start of the day with good morning and heart message is always beautiful! And willing to know what the other person is doing when you are thinking about him/her is natural and lovely, but what pretty isnt is occupying someone’s majority of the time with just conversations about the typical ‘couple’ topics. Because then those happy messages become irritating and everyone start missing their  freedom!
  2. Lets talk about it in even deeper sense! When you are in you teens, that is the time when you have the biggest quarrels with your parents! Because now, you dont want to answer their questions like “when will you be back?” or” whom you are going out with”, but in childhood you wanted your parents to know how your day was! But as you grow up a deeper understanding builds up between parent and child that even though parent isn’t aware when child will be home, they TRUST their children. And, children know that their parents hold blind faith in them to never let them down. And, that’s what exactly SPACE means!
  3. Building trust as the foundation of relationship, would automatically brings SPACE and comfort in a relationship. But, this depth can only be implemented on the surface level, but talking to each other once a day. And, trusting one another when the conversations aren’t even happening! And just in case, you are having severe anxiety on the same, every day, even though you have communicated this to your partner, its time to get out of the relationship or get your time, till you are in healthy state of mind. And always remember, if there is a true BOND, no matter its been a week or year, the other person would always be there! And if that’s not the case, then please free yourself from this torture, please!

-Hope, we have answered your question. And wish you find someone special, real soon<3

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