September 29, 2020

Infosys on campus Interview Experience-2018

Infosys is an Indian IT consultant MNC started 28 years ago by Narayana Murthy and currently headed by Salil Parekh having strength over 2ooK employees around the globe! Infosys is also famous for its the best IT training in the world, with lavish center in Mysore. Every year infosys intake thousands of students in bulk, train them for 6 months paid training in Mysore and then, on the basis of performance and preference allocate them centers across country with varied profiles. This year Infosys have revised their package and have incremented their package which has happened in a decade! And also tremendous hike in the hiring process with 100% increase in the hiring! So, here is a sweet and short blog on this years Infosys interview experience.


Infosys has a simple process of online aptitude test followed by technical interview of the shortlisted candidate. The profile is of System Engineers with 3.6 lpa package. Infosys does have a bond of 1 year after the training is over so technically of 1.6 yrs and around 1.25 lpa as amount against it. The training is in Mysore which have 5 star facilities of hostel, mess etc and you would get around 13K-14K in hand. The aptitude test result is declared after 3-4 hrs followed by technical interview the very next day.


Infosys aptitude syllabus and pattern could also be known from It does have section wise cutoff of around 60%-70% per section. Pattern is same regardless of the branch you are in! But, the only catch is that Infosys changes the pattern every year, so this time the quantitative section had 10 questions for 15 mins and were puzzle based! So, they always throw in some unexpected twist. Cryptarithmetic is hands down Infosys favorite topic! In logical section also, syllogism were presented such a way that from options you needed to figure out if assertion and conclusions are true and were totally logical based and didnt require traditional venn diagram!

Technical Interview:

Technical Interview was limited to the project mentioned in resume and some basic OOPs questions. And in end primary HR questions like would you be able to work in new technology etc. It lasted around 20 mins and almost 80% of who qualified aptitude are easily able to clear technical round.

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