October 20, 2020

Insights on campus placements for Engineering Graduates

Placements have begun with full swing in the country and good news is that hiring rate in 2019 is almost double to that of 2018! But cracking placements is not that easy, only and only because one doesn’t have  a clear strategy for the same. So, don’t worry we are going to share the insights of what actually goes during the on-campus hiring process because it is still not too late because the process would  continue till the month of April. So, gear up and read along.

1.On campus hiring is ten times easier than off campus

On campus recruitment process isn’t strict. The college itself allows you to sit next to your friends, and college is always co-operative because they want to have more number of placed students from the institute, and infact companies are pushed to hire more than what the number they had in their mind. So, Don’t miss out on any single on campus opportunity. Be extremely careful with companies drives, checking your email id and filling the google forms on time. And, finding group of students to help you during the process is an essential as clearing the written test, coding test and interviews all on your own is extremely difficult.

2. Cracking the written test

Cracking written test has to be a group activity. Prepare well for the topics like men and work, C.I, profit and loss, cubes, dices, clocks and time. Also, technical test -though due to limited time, technical one needs to be cleared by your! IndiaBix is self sufficient for aptitude and for technical test there are fixed types of Java , output and algorithm-data structure based questions. Even if you fail at 5 exams, from 6th drive you would notice the exact same questions! So, be a smart worker! Remember that there is a section wise cut-off and in general cut-off is around 70%. So, aim to score higher than that!

3. Cracking the coding test

Now, coding test though seems daunting isn’t, if used proper strategy. Usually qualifying criteria is to get one of two questions or around 40% questions right. Basic loop based, string based questions are asked. Now linked listed and trees are tough! And to qualify the round, only loops and strings are self sufficient. So, learn string regex, substring(),equals etc function. And always try to pass maximum test cases which can be done by direct printing output using if too. So, aim at qualifying!

4. Cracking the interviews

Cracking interview is also a team thing as the person first appeared can tell the exact questions which the next one would be required to answer! Yes, it always happen. And infact the same puzzle is asked!

Note: The article is not intended to make you learn on ‘how to cheat’, but smarter approach to crack interviews as interviews can never determine who is the better candidate, its you who need to convince that you are the right candidate for the job. And even some genius toppers aren’t able to, but mediocre smart student is! 

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