November 27, 2020
Is HackerEarth Good for Competitive Coding,jobs|Review

Is HackerEarth Good for Competitive Coding,jobs|Review

HackerEarth is another coding platform to let student participate in hiring contests, improve their skills and also allow to participate in other development based events. HackerEarth has grown tremendously in just few years! So, for all of you who are just getting started with hackerEarth or competitive coding or have questions like hackerEath vs GeeksForGeeks Vs HackerRank etc and etc we have finally written down this piece for ya!! So, lets find out that is hackereath good for competitive coding, hobs, hiring!

1.How HackerEarth started, how old it is, how they make money?

HackerEarth  was founded in November 2012 by Vivek Prakash, Sachin Gupta  in Bengaluru to  provide enterprise software solutions that help organisations with their technical recruitment needs. HackerEarth has conducted 1000+ hackathons and 10,000+ programming challenges to date. Since its inception, HackerEarth has built a developer base of over 3 million+.

All the online coding contest, development based contest, even offline hackathons are sponsored by companies as hiring contests and they charge commission to provide platform!

2.How to get started with HackerEath and competitive coding!

HackerEarth indeed provides some coding material  to get familiar with the platform and also get started with code!But to honest review it, then that material is not that good! Because if you are just getting started then choose HackerRank clean platform where there  is 30 days of code. After you are comfortable with  basic arrays, linkedlist, trees, strings do come back to the platform for various hiring and development based contents!

3.HackerRank vs HackerEarth vs GeekForGeeks

This is the most asked question everrrr!!! For starters, GeeksForGeeks started as just a blog with content! Now, they have provided online IDE for coding!So, competitive coding and geeksforgeeks are never synonymous!! Use as theory you need before you jump to competitive and use it less as too much material is there!

Now, HackerRank And HackerEarth comparison makes more sense. Both Indian start up one started in 2009, other in 2012. The biggest difference here lies their audience. HackerRank serves as an International platform to provide coding contest as hiring events sponsored by big product based companies whereas HackerEarth on the other is not just limited to hiring coding events! They cater variety in terms of machine learning based contest, development based , hackathons and keeping their niche to Indian students only!

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