October 23, 2020

Is it okay for girls to make the first move ?

“Hi! I am Priya. Pursuing Bcom programme from Delhi University. So, I liked a guy in my batch whom I approached and he very politely turned down! It surely did hurt and I was shaken up. Now, its been about 6 months, and I am talking to one of my school friend, and I kindda like him! I just don’t want to get rejected again, and also what frustrates me is that why always guys make the first move. Like why?  “

Hi! priya. Thanks for a lovely question. You are brave and truely 21st century girl. And we are excited to answer it, as it should and definitely would reach out to more young girls because change is happening, and about time! And lets just get into the root of it straightaway!

  1. Listen, its our life and we have entire right for it! We have the choice to ask someone and even say NO! As simple as that! And no matter what someone says! These tiny decisions build your entire life, because tomorrow for every tiny -tiny decision you dont have to ask a guy about it! Or do you want to? We are in a generation where we guide our parents that this is what we want to do, than ask them! Then, why not in relationship. And, yes people around you are going to judge you, so let them do their job😉
  2. But here  is major concern of safety. Guys too are scared to ask girls out. But, if something is served on the plate without hardwork, people do take it for granted! They do! And all the time! So, even if you make the first move, make sure that he is putting in efforts, otherwise you would end up losing trust in the whole process! Approaching is one thing, but doing everything is other! But, if coming from good intention, and also approaching a good guy isn’t a bad idea at all!But, please don’t do that to a bad guy! That’ s a hell for sure!🙏
  3. Lastly, if you want equality then it would be in every aspect. So does in rejections! Rejection hurt alot! alot! The reason we see more heart broken guys than girls is because they have faced genuine rejection! Rejection teaches a lot, but its never a good idea to put yourself in that vulnerable, anxiety situation. So, approaching someone you see is a possibility with is better option, than telling your crush about it! Because those ‘you only live once’ stuff does the most damage!

-Hope, we have answered your question. Wish you all the best in life!

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