September 29, 2020

Is it possible to prepare for Jee Main in first year of college?

I know most of you would be having this question as dropping another year requires a whole new level of dedication and brings a lot of uncertainty as you are not even sure that whether you would be getting better college choices or would end up with nothing! So, answer is Yes! You can very well prepare for Jee Mains, Advance in the first year of the college. Let’s understand it better below.

  1. It is the best option

Look at all the possibilities here, going to Kota and preparing another year means money, emotion, and also health investment and chances of still not getting selected and that pressure of money and relatives taunt is way too much! And yes, after preparing with whole heart and still not been able to make it is digestible, and that one mistake will keep on haunting us till we don’t get it out from the system and give that last once more chance! So, giving that one shot in the college we have got is indeed the best option!

2. No major loss of college studies

In the first year, syllabus is common to all the branches that CSE, ECE, Mechanical and nothing, yes nothing major of the core syllabus is taught, that means even if you under perform no pressure on college life either.

3. Plenty of time

In first year, you would have plenty of time. Initially it would require a little bit of juggling, but still you would have more time than you had for your 12th.


I hope it helps. If you still have some questions, don’t shy away to ask in the comment section and out team would respond within 24 hours.



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4 thoughts on “Is it possible to prepare for Jee Main in first year of college?

  1. Hi Admin! My details are given below

    JEE Main: 119/360

    JEE Advanced: Didn’t qualify (91/366)

    BITSAT: 273/450

    As u might’ve guessed i m neither getting a good NIT or any other GFTI of that matter but I am getting Mech/ECE in Nirma University, A’Bad.

    So should I take a drop or join the colleges and try again next year (I am going to give JEE next year irrespective of the choice I make but am just not able make up my mind)

    1. First of all Congrats on getting such a great score. It clearly shows that you have really worked hard for 2 years and have overtaken lakhs. Final decision to take drop and really work hard again and deal with lots of pressure and obviously uncertainity or trying again by taking the seat you are getting is yours. Think about both the options, with your family, emotions(not just will) and obviously the risk and finances. Do share your final decision later.
      All the best

  2. I am getting top nits this year but I want to prepare for jee advanced 2018 alongside studying at NIT. As my preparation level this year was very high ( I messed up the advanced paper this year) I am quite confident that I will be able to do it next year. I was worried only about the fact that if the semester exams conincide with the jee exam, what will I do? I wanted to ask does this thing happen that the semester exam and jee coincide. please help.

    1. Hi Kushal!
      Your idea of joining Nit and preparing for jee advance alongside is absolutely correct. And yes, jee advance paper would coincide with 2nd semester exam, and you would have to manage that, it’s a bit tricky but have faith in your self as once you come to the college you would find multiple students doing the same, which would motivate you.
      All the best.

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