October 1, 2020

Know about all Graduate level Computer Science courses

There is no doubt that maximum jobs in India are in IT section, and seats in IT fills the fastest. Since, there  so many options-Btech, Bsc, BCA out there it can get a little confusing. This blog post is regarding all the branches related to CSE/IT in India at graduate level. Read along and clear your doubts.

1.Is it Btech or B.E?

In India, there in no difference between a BTech and B.E degree, both are equivalent. BE stands for Bachelor in Engineering whereas Btech for Bachelor in Technology, so colleges offering BE( usually private colleges) consider their degree as more knowledge based whereas Btech more on technology, practical and skill based. But the syllabus is same! Also, BE is what is referred in foreign universities, hence colleges having tie ups with foreign universities like to call BE degree programme!

2.CSE, IT or  Mathematics with Computer Science

These are top three Computer Science Btech degrees, and all are slightly different from each other.

CSE vs IT: Taking a big picture there is no difference between CSE and IT. One can even say that just forcefully a different degree is created by changing 1/2 subjects by universities. CSE always have higher cutoff than IT, and syllabus is almost same of both just IT focuses more on networks and networking whereas the basic subjects like DS,OS, ADA remains the same.

Mathematics with Computer Science: Mathematics and Computing is taught only in some colleges like IITs, NITs , well this branch also has all the core CS subjects like OS, DS, DBMS etc, but subjects are inclined more on mathematics than coding, and also people with degree in Mathematics with computing goes in the field Data Analyst, BigData.

Note:Very rarely a company would differentiate between the three degrees!

3.BCA, Bsc in Computer Science

Bsc also have same Btech computer science core subjects but everything is theoretical, practical aspect is less, also not AI, cloud etc, subjects aren’t included. Also since its not realted to engineering there are no electronics or advanced mathematics taught which is there in Btech. This course is of only 3 years ,Chose Bsc  if you want to get to research and teaching industry than IT sector directly.

BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) is of 3 yrs and has all CS engineering core subjects, BCA is kind of simpler version of Btech and BCA degree is not equivalent to Btech, but MCA is! So, BCA is good option if you haven’t got admission in Btech and wants to pursue future in IT industry.

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