October 20, 2020

Last minute tips for End Semester exams

Semester Exams are approaching and there are many students and most of the students would now would have woken up and realized that. So, presented below are some tips to prepare for the semester exams, so that even if you haven’t studied year round can easily score good.

1.Collect all your material at one place

This is one of the most crucial step. Gather all your material and syllabus at one place. Books, reference books, class notes, notes copied at back of another copy, printed notes, absent day work on the mobile phone and etc at one place to have an instant idea of amount of preparation needed.

2. Prepare a road map of the syllabus

Now, after analyzing the entire syllabus, make up your mind as to what all you want to cover and what all can be left. Divide the entire syllabus after going though one or two previous years sample papers into the on you want to do first and also, the one you want to ask about to your friend just before the paper.

3. Confirm with a friend on a phone

It is equally important to confirm the major decisions as which portion you are deciding to leave as get a better idea about it and also, helpful in case of any misjudgment. And, phone word is there as it is definitely not a time for whatsapp!

 4.  Do not Stress

Start preparing for it. Don’t stress about the time left or being mad at yourself for studying at last moment. Everybody does the same. Believe in yourself and stay calm!



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