November 27, 2020
Latest Machine learning examples and applications used in daily life

Latest Machine learning examples and applications used in daily life

Are you aware that machine learning is impacting almost every next activity of your life! Yes! It is! The way you search, read, communicate, express everything is being taken over by machine learning!And it is imperative to be aware about it before you give in to your creative mindset! So, machine learning is pretty much exploiting you by gathering your data, your liking and disliking but what would be cooler is to know being used and then use it to be used! Here we are going to talk 3 different ways where machine learning has gathered you with all force, so lets get started with top 3 machine learning examples and applications used in everyday life.

1.Recommendation Systems-Netflix,Amazon,Facebook:

Recommendation systems are now everywhere! Earlier it was cooler that the search pattern was being predicted but now we almost give in the power of our own creativity and thinking based on these recommendation systems. Product Recommendations  is been used by Amazon thoroughly! You just need to type mobiles under 10K and you would find your bid! Netflix uses genre recommendation  where based on your genre preferences you get the similar choices of movies, facebook uses friend recommendation where based on mutual friends and common places like school, colleges you get ‘people you may know’!

2.Face Recognition Software-AI Cameras,Google Photos,Facebook pictures,Google Lens:

Face Recognition has now become part of our lives! Vivo, Oppo, Realme,Redmi,POCO and all these phones with high resolution of cameras are all AI cameras trained using machine learning with huge amount of data. Portrait mode, the feature you blur out the background etc has now taken over how photography is done!Google photos face recognition is a bliss♥Now you don’t need to filter the pics on based of who is in the pic as that part has already been taken care via ML! Facebook recommends if you want to be tagged in a picture posted by someone else through same. And ofcourse Google Lens to identify objects is life goals!

3. Prediction Systems-Weather Forecast,Traffic Prediction:

If you need to thank technology for two greatest helps it had to be tremendous success in weather forecasting and traffic in your area!Machine learning uses to process immediate comparisons between historical weather forecasts and observations.In the past few years, GPS navigation became quite popular in large cities in determining traffic ratio with the help of central traffic-managing servers.Traffic models are usually used to evaluate different past and real-time traffic data to forecast potential traffic circumstances.

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